Desde 1931


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Since 1931

In 1931 we started up in IMAR, the first perforated sheet metal manufacturing machine in Southern Europe. In those years, it was an innovative move. Today, we still think it is. In the engineering and manufacturing of all kinds of solutions in perforated, dimpled, stamped, and expanded sheet metal. Providing solutions to the needs of our clients in two main areas: Industrial and singular architecture.



Manufacturing metal solutions since 1931.

Know How

Acquired from producing more than 1 million square meters since 2000.

Bespoke Solutions

Making unique applications through a broad range of materials, production processes and finishes.

Comprehensive Service

From engineering and design services to systems and products to be installed.

Innometal IMAR

Bespoke Solutions

To meet aesthetics, performance and budget needs.

Endless Possibilities

Through a broad range of materials, production processes and finishes.


Acquired from producing more than 1 million square meters since 2000.

Holistic Approach

From engineering and design services to systems and products to be installed.

Global Reach

Spanning more than 30 countries in 4 continents.


Towards innovation and continuous improvement.


Metal solutions since 1931.


Delivering on a promise from service to finished products.

Advanced Technology

Guaranteeing reliability and quality standards.

Collaborative Approach

We guarantee effective solutions at every stage of the process.

At INNOMETAL 2019 SL we consider personal effort a great value when there is a harmony between work and personal life.

Every employee at INNOMETAL 2019 SL has their own career plan, jointly designed by management and the employee, in order to determine their future career at the company.

Work with us
Ortuella / Miranda


We have two production centers. Their complementarity allows us to offer a wide range of manufacturing products, best service and innovation. And its strategic location gives us great logistical advantage.

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In Ortuella (Bizkaia) we perforate with fast sectional presses that allow us to produce customized products up to big thicknesses.

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In Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) we concentrate our specialized production in expanded metal, and in regular perforated metal of long series and standard sizes.


IMAR-Innometal is widely known in the market for the high quality of its products. This is achieved using highest quality raw materials, tailor made design of the product for each application, our modern production facilities and our great team. All the process is IS0-9001 certified.

Because our products are recyclable allow to obtain LEED certificates Platinum, Gold and Silver.

  • Quality Certificates

    IMAR-Innometal is well known in the market because of his high Quality Standards. Not only due to the best quality of his final Products also because the excellence of his production processes.

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    Our range of products is fire resistant, safe and not flammable, with Fire Rating Euroclass A1 for mill finish and anodized ones, and Euroclass A2, s1, d0 for PPC finishes.

IMAR Green 5Rs

At IMAR-Innometal we analyze each project according to its location and use, and we control each process to minimize the environmental impact of our solutions.
IMAR-Innometal Solutions provide light and natural ventilation, reduce energy consumption and are durable with minimal maintenance.
We optimize each solution to reduce solar radiation inside the building without eliminating natural lighting. For IMAR-Innometal, the circular economy is a priority, not only because of social responsibility, but also as an element of continuous improvement, access to new markets and business diversification.

01. -

We select the most suitable raw materials for each project and select the minimum necessary thickness of metals and define processes with the minimum waste of material.

02. -

We use raw materials with high percentages of recycled elements in their composition. After introducing the scrap in the melting process, our suppliers obtain the same material, over and over again without loss of quality.

03. -

At IMAR-Innometal, as a result of our commitment to sustainability, we work with a life cycle analysis vision to reduce the environmental footprint of our products. We recycle all the waste from all our production processes.

04. -

We seek to get the maximum performance of the resources we use in our activity, reusing packaging and taking advantage of metal scraps for internal needs.

05. -

Awareness and training of our human team as a pillar of the identification and implementation of circular economy plans and projects.


Eficiencia energética

IMAR-Innometal, aware of the need for transformation, has incorporated decarbonization and circular economy into its company strategy as main axes to guarantee its competitiveness.

Continuous improvement in the management of our suppliers, in our processes and products, under the criteria of energy efficiency, decarbonization and circularity of processes.

Analysis of the threats and opportunities of the new trends, policies and strategies of climate change:

  • Outreach to all stakeholders under the principles of collaboration and transparency
  • Development of action plans to anticipate, adapt and diversify.
  • Governance: allocation of resources and responsibilities.
  • Meet the expectations of our customers, designing and supplying products with a smaller environmental footprint.
Human and Environmental Health


On this website you can learn about our products and manufacturing possibilities. If you want to see them physically, nothing better than coming to IMAR-Innometal and visiting our showroom. A diaphanous exhibition space of more than 600 m2 where you can see our different types of perforated and expanded mesh. Installed in 4 x 4 x 4 m cubes and in mockups that allow you to know our products in real life and perceive the effect of the different models that we produce for architectural facades and for industrial use.

¿Do you want to know all the possibilities we can offer to you?

Ask us for an appointment and we will show you the innumerable possibilities of IMAR-Innometal metal panels with samples of large formats in real size.

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